Mechanical Vapor Re-Compressor Evaporator (Mvre)


The most cost-effective evaporation technique is mechanical vapour recompression (MVRE), which uses electricity as its driving force.

  • System with Minimal Running Costs.
  • There's no need to use water for cooling.
  • There is no need for supplemental heat.
  • Uses a little amount of energy relative to what is being produced.

Evaporation Technology With Mechanical Vapour Recompression

MVR Evaporators

Various evaporation techniques are used to concentrate fluids or to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) in wide-ranging industries including dairy, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical, textile, paper etc. Evaporating water from solution is an energy-intensive process. It is often one of the main contributors to a plant’s operating costs

Over the past 10-15 years, Mechanical vapor recompression (MVRE) has become the preferred system in many industries, because of its economy and simplicity of operation. In most instances, the need for steam to provide heat for the evaporation and cooling water for condensing the overhead vapors is virtually eliminated; by installing MVRE. A wide range of turndown is possible in MVRE.

Industries as diverse as the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, paper, etc. all rely on evaporation processes to concentrate fluids or achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). The process of evaporating water from a solution requires a significant amount of power. One of the most significant factors in overall plant running costs.

Mechanical vapor recompression (MVRE) has been widely adopted in a variety of sectors during the last decade to fifteen years due to its low cost and ease of usage. When MVRE is put in place, the requirement for steam to supply heat for evaporation and cooling water for condensing the above vapors is often avoided. MVRE allows for a flexible turndown range.

Our MVRE Evaporator starts from 500 Ltr/hr to Evaporating up to 100000 Ltrs/hr of water at 75 kg of water evaporated per kilowatt of power consumed.

The evaporator's by-product vapors are recompressed at a greater pressure using an electrically powered centrifugal turbo fan/roots blower in a device known as a mechanical vapor re-compressor. These identical vapors are recycled as a heating source in the MVR's evaporator. That way, no new steam is needed.

Operating at a partial vacuum, the system lowers the boiling temperature while reusing the vast majority of the process heat in the preheater and evaporator. When compared to traditional distillation and evaporation systems, the overall specific energy needs are drastically lowered.

When compared to traditional multiple effect evaporators, MVR becomes a more economically viable alternative.

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