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Company Profile

SBENGINEERINGWORKS can trace its roots back to 2010 when a group of technocrats with years of expertise in different industries agreed to pool their combined ability and develop an engineering firm that would be a reflection of their personality and help them reach their objectives. The end result is a firm called SBENGINEERINGWORKS Engineering. SBENGINEERINGWORKS opened its doors in Hyderabad's Jeedimetla neighborhood and began producing a variety of evaporators and dryers using cutting-edge technology for many sectors. We now have a core team of 100, in addition to several freelancers and temporary workers. We've become India's go-to source for industrial evaporators and dryers in record time. Our method, which is based on knowledge, concept, design, planning, and execution, has helped us become the leading Agitated Thin Film Dryer in India, particularly in the fields of Falling Film and Thin Film Evaporation Technologies.

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